Quickwall system overview

Quickwall is a prefabricated masonry walling system that combines the aesthetic appeal of brickwork with the benefits of offsite manufacture. It can be adapted to provide either a structural element or a cladding finish for construction projects such as flood defence systems, freestanding walls, transport infrastructure or retaining walls.

Unhindered by weather and other restrictive conditions, Quickwall brickwork panels are skilfully laid in a factory environment using a unique, high performance mortar before being delivered to site prefabricated and, if required, pre-pointed.

It’s the ideal solution for sites offering challenging conditions for traditional bricklaying teams.

An introduction to Quickwall

Thanks to the manufacturing methods and speed of installation, the use of Quickwall meant nmcn and Derby City Council were able to continue working through an extremely wet winter to ensure new flood defences were installed ahead of schedule, providing protection, reassurance and security for 2,250 homes and businesses in Derby city centre.



  • Up to 12 times quicker installation than building traditionally
  • Condensed site programme
  • Reduced site attendances
  • Fewer on-site wet trades
  • Eliminates on-site storage
  • Shorter on-site time


  • Improved structural characteristics
  • No on-site curing required
  • Greater resistance to water penetration
  • Fewer ties – improved thermal performance
  • Extended service life – minimal maintenance

Panel characteristics

  • Panels are single leaf brickwork manufactured using extruded clay bricks resulting in a typical wall thickness of ~105mm.
  • A variety of different bond patterns are possible
  • Typical length up to 6.0m
  • Typical height up to 1.65m
  • Typical weight 200-250kg/m²


  • Consistent quality achieved in factory controlled conditions
  • Controlled finishes of brickwork bonds and mortar joint profiles
  • Not affected by weather
  • No requirement for bricklayers
  • Reduced number of operatives for on-site installation
  • Reduced risks to operatives
  • Reduced disruption and inconvenience to local residents


Forterra prefabricated masonry panels are tested in the accordance with the relevant BS EN standards. The following comparisons can be made with walls built using traditional cement and sand mortars:

  • Compressive strength is typically increased by 50%
  • Flexural strength is increased by up to a factor of 3
  • Brickwork strength is similar in both vertical and horizontal direction