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The needs and requirements of the construction industry are changing as it seeks to address climate change, sustainability and worker safety while at the same time ensuring quality, efficiency and consistency.

Forterra is meeting these needs – including the increasing requirement for offsite precast and masonry façade solutions, utilising modern methods of construction – with a range of innovative products systems and solutions, for walls, floors, roofs and drainage systems. Our technical team is engaged in extensive research and development projects that have led us to create a number of market-leading solutions, such as our façade systems, which are used across a range of sectors, including commercial, residential and public infrastructure projects. Our collaborations and partnerships with a number of key supply partners means we are able to provide a complete design, manufacturing and installation solution for your project.

Our solutions

Our collaborations and partnerships with a number of key supply partners means we are able to provide a complete design, manufacturing and installation solution for your project.


Insulated ground floors

Jetfloor has been a market-leading solution for thermally-insulated, structural ground floors since 1982. It presents the platform for a range of U-values and enhanced Psi values, providing a future-proofed and robust solution for housebuilders, specifiers and homeowners.


Brick slip system

A mechanically retained and non-combustible brick slip system that offers all the benefits of a modern brick slip system but without architectural compromise. Easy to install without the need for conventional bricklaying skills.


Sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS)

A range of infiltration and attenuation systems designed to replicate natural drainage systems and processes to drain surface water and help prevent flooding. For use in trafficked and pedestrianised areas.


Brick slip cladding system

A lightweight brick slip cladding system that combines the advantages of modern construction techniques with the appeal of traditional brickwork. Provides a durable, decorative and thermally-insulated finish to vertical walls.


Ventilated dry fix ridge and hip system

A universal ventilated dry fix ridge and hip system comprising mechanical fixings and a grey-coloured, powder-coated aluminium roll face. It is suitable for use with all types of Red Bank standard ridge tiles, including, capped, angled and roll top.


Prefabricated masonry walling system

A pre-fabricated masonry system that combines the aesthetic appeal of brickwork with the benefits of offsite manufacture. It is ideal for flood defence systems, free-standing walls, transport infrastructure and retaining walls.

Case studies

Sometimes, it is reassuring to read about other success stories before embarking on your own. Here, you will find examples of residential, education, commercial and public sector construction projects in which Forterra’s innovative products, and its skilled, approachable teams and flexible services, have played a significant part.

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