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Forterra hosts apprentice competition with the Brick Development Association in a celebration of skills

We have recently hosted and supplied bricks for this year’s Apprentice Brickwork competition in partnership with the Brick Development Association and Lewisham College.

The competition put apprentices from bricklaying businesses from all over the country to the test, with each apprentice tasked with building a structure using Forterra’s iconic London Brick.

Crowned Brickwork Champion was Kye Belmont, aged 18, an NVQ Level 2 bricklaying apprentice at Lewisham College and Lee Marley Brickwork (LMB), followed in second place by Kalum Coyte, 18, also at Lewisham College and LMB, and Richard Brown, 21, of Lewisham College and Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd in third position. A team trophy was also awarded to Lee Marley Brickwork (LMB), with their apprentices achieving the highest overall score of the day.

Formally an electrician by trade, event organiser Bob Noseda has been an advocate for the brickwork industry and its future, and has been involved in providing trade competitions for a number of years. Past events organised by Bob have included competitions for brickwork, plumbing and electrical apprentices.
Bob said: “Historically industry competitions were purely for professionals, which is why I wanted to get involved and provide something for students and apprentices. Our competitions are also a great opportunity for the industry to get together and collaborate. While there is a competitive element, our competitions are a celebration of all the skill we have in the industry.

“This was the first London-based competition since the beginning of the pandemic, so it’s been great to see so many people take part and to receive so much support. I have loved working with Forterra on this project. They are so supportive of the education of upcoming bricklayers and I can’t thank them enough for that.”

Other upcoming competitions will include ‘Best in London Brick’, a contest aimed at qualified professionals in the brickwork industry. We also hope to host it’s ‘Bricklaying Forterra Females’, an all-female event to celebrate the work of women in the industry next year.

Our Chief Executive Stephen Harrison said: “We are passionate about supporting the next generation of bricklayers, so it has been fantastic to support this year’s competition and see the level of skill these upcoming bricklayers will bring to the industry. Congratulations to champion Kye and to all those taking part.”